• Column: Vir Nakai EP-12

A gist of why we ride!

It was late August 2008. Harsh and I had just ridden from Tso Moriri over Polokonko La and down to Tso Kar where we had set up camp for the night. We had broken from the pack we were riding with and reached way ahead of them and set up our tents and also gotten out of our riding gear. And then, we saw the rest of the crew riding towards us, even as the sun was starting to set behind them. Thanks to the rain that had played hide and seek with us all day, the setting sun was doing that crazy magic it does in the mountains at that time and making for some really amazing images.

Harsh and I were laughing about how any fool with a half-decent camera would be able to click great images at that moment. To prove our point to each other, we picked up our cameras (mine was a Canon 450D) and blindly shot off a few frames. And boom. They looked quite awesome! Now, over the last 14 years Harsh and I have found ourselves in some wondrous places astride our motorcycles, with many cameras at hand to document what we saw, are or fell into. So when I get messages like this:


I have a few queries in mind and I thought maybe you can help me. It’s regarding motorcycling and expeditions as I’m following my passion while managing my corporate life in the IT sector, but now I’m planning to get into motorcycling as my full-time work. From paid or unpaid collaborations or as part of a barter system. Can you please give me a few suggestions as to how I can begin, as it would be really helpful for me?

Thanks! XYZ

I must mention here that I keep getting such emails occasionally and every time I get such a mail or message on social media, it takes me back to that day by Tso Kar. Because the story I told you, in the beginning, happened the exact way I said it did and that’s where it all began for me. So the answer lies in what Harsh and I were talking about, many years ago.

The answer is to get on your motorcycle, ride it and experience what it feels like. Just go out and ride. Experience it all for yourself and not for social media or images. Find a trail you have not heard of, go and explore it, then come home and take a look at your images. And remember and recount your stories till you can’t take it anymore and then get onto your bike and go out riding, all over again. That’s how we did it and 14 years later we are still doing it. Regularly. I guess it works.

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