• Here are five things we did at Rider Mania 2022

After a hiatus of two years, Rider Mania has finally made a return this year

Royal Enfield invited us to Rider Mania 2022, and we were super excited. We would be heading to Goa and Royal Enfield, as is their custom, would have bikes waiting for us at the hotel. All we have to do is to get on it and ride. Nevertheless, here’s a rundown on everything we did at Rider Mania which makes a comeback after two years. 

Checked out cool custom motorcycles

Apart from the lightly modified to complete custom motorcycles in the parking lot, Royal Enfield showcased some of the most outlandish custom motorcycles in the Motoville section of Rider Mania, with modifications ranging from beautiful to genuinely bizarre. Check out our separate story on the five coolest custom motorcycles at Rider Mania 2022.

Listened to some amazing stories

Regardless of where your interests lie, the talks section had something to capture the attention of anyone. From topics as close to home as travelling with pets and improving your photography skills, to as far-reaching as travelling through the Himalayas, polar exploration and photography at the Dakar Rally, the stories just kept flowing.

Dirt track and flat track racing action

If you wanted some real thrills and spills, all you needed to do was head over to the race arena. And it was a sight to behold as we watched amateur and pro riders whip their motorcycles around the tight turns, desperately trying to stay upright. Unsurprisingly, a large number of them had to eat dirt, which is part and parcel of riding fast on loose surfaces.

Shopped at the various stalls at the event

Whoever said money can't buy happiness, just didn’t know what to spend it on. From brand-new riding gear to custom T-shirts, to epic food and amazing beverages, there was no shortage of things to spend your money on at the stalls of Rider Mania, and we picked up some much-needed gear and entirely not-needed apparel while over there.

Soaked in indie rock music in the evening

As night descended and the blistering heat of the Goan sun abated, it was time to head to the main stage for headbanging metal, indie rock, freestyle rap and remixes as some of the best musicians took over the area, and once again, regardless of your preference in music, there was something for everyone. 

Which is just the perfect way to sum up Rider Mania as an event. Regardless of your personal preferences, as long as you love motorcycles, you will feel at home.

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