• Six Honda CB 350 Custom Kits First Look: Prices and other details

The kits are available for both the H’ness CB 350 and CB 350 RS and each part can be brought separately as well

The Honda CB 350 platform has been an important one for the Japanese bike maker. It has also been a versatile one with the CB H’ness CB 350 and CB 350 RS coming out of it. Honda plans to expand this range further but not in the way you think. The bikemaker has launched six factory custom kits that bolt on directly to the current CB 350 range of motorcycles. The custom kits have been designed to introduce novice CB 350 customers to customisation. These kits can be bought separately and have been designed to bolt on directly to both the CB H’ness CB 350 and CB 350 RS, so customers have a vast canvas to play with. Let’s have a look at what all is on offer -

Cafe Racer Custom 
Price -
Rs 17,500 for the CB 350 RS
            Rs 22,200 for the H’ness CB 350

Let's start with the best-looking kit here, the Cafe Racer custom. It is available for both the CB 350 RS and the H’ness CB 350. The CB 350 range plays the retro card well, the cafe racer kit injects a Japanese retro flavour into the mix. The custom kit for the CB 350 RS gets a cool-looking headlamp and rear seat cowl. The seat cowl is also removable to convert the single-seat layout to a double-seat configuration. Other important bits and pieces include blacked-out engine guards, fork boots, bash plate and wheel stripes. 

Unlike the CB 350 RS kit, this one gets a dedicated single-seat configuration with a differently styled rear cowl. It also gets cool-looking retro stickers on the fuel tank that go well with the chromed-out engine guards. 

Tourer Custom 
Price -
Rs 17,600

The Tourer custom kit for H’ness adds a large flyscreen, knuckle guards, wide footpegs and saddle stays along with a rear rack beside the chrome trim and fork boots. The tourer kit also includes split seats with reworked foam for better cushioning over long rides. 

Comfort Custom 
Price -
Rs 16,500

The Comfort custom kit is similar to the Tourer custom kit but misses out on a wider footpeg and rear rack. It gets a backrest instead, and the split seat is finished in black. 

Solo Carrier Custom 
Price -
Rs 16,200

Honda has a custom kit for the solo adventurer as well. Called the Solo Carrier custom, it gets a single-seat configuration with a rear carrier instead of a pillion seat. The custom kit also includes a short visor besides the chrome bits and wheel stripes. 

SUV Custom 
Price -
Rs 7,500

The last and most affordable kit is the SUV custom. Based on the CB 350 RS, it offers a more rugged take with a small visor, knuckle guards, engine bash plate and saddle stays, besides the blacked-out engine guards and wheel stripes. 

The new custom kits offer not just new but existing Honda CB 350 customers a wide array of individualisation options. The kits impress with their fit and finish levels and should offer a 'straight from the factory' look in terms of quality. This is a good way to expand the CB 350 lineup and allows customers to partake in the excitement of building their own motorcycles as well. 

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