Getting outdoorsy with the compact SUV this month

The unseasonal rains caught us unawares last month but also made for an excellent weekend trip with family for me. Pune is blessed geographically in the sense that we don’t have to travel too far to enjoy scenic views and feel closer to nature. A couple of hours of driving, pretty much in any direction out of the city is enough to enjoy a quick break from the concrete jungles that the city has turned into over the past couple of decades. The Magnite was more than willing to take on highway duties this time and admittedly, the CVT impressed me yet again. In the past, I have spoken about how the Magnite’s automatic transmission proved to be a pleasant surprise in the city and it feels as impressive on the highway too. The Magnite’s crisp throttle means that even a light dab on the pedal has the engine build revs to accelerate harder. I’m also liking the engine refinement though engine noise inside the cabin, especially at higher speeds, is a little loud. That said, the rapid progress that the 100PS turbocharged petrol motor allows you to make on open roads is certainly one of the biggest highlights of this compact SUV. I must also mention that the Magnite passes muster as a family SUV really well - be it in terms of the cabin space for passengers or boot space for a family’s luggage. Even with my five feet, 11 inch frame in the driver’s seat, the wife had good legroom and kneeroom behind me, while the boot swallowed in two suitcases and a duffel bag with ease. The only niggle this month I can think of is that the parcel tray has begun to rattle on bad roads, unless when weighed down with a bag or some stuff. I’m hoping this will be taken care of in the next routine service.

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