• Ather 450X long term update: 1,220km

The 450X continues to impress and now looks cooler than before!

My Ather 450X is unique as it’s the Series 1 collector’s edition. The special gloss black shade with red detailing is part of a limited edition series, it’s a nice feeling to own one. Ather didn’t offer the Series 1 with unique translucent side panels shown during the product launch. Instead, they offered to install these panels at a later date. In September, I received a call from Ather asking me if they could come over and install new panels to my 450X. It was quite a wait since Shadow got home in February 2021. They look darker than in the pictures but are translucent! The service team removed the older panels, masked some areas around the frame with black vinyl and installed the new panels. These panels now expose the cool looking aluminium trellis frame.

It’s been raining a lot in Bangalore the last few months and I’ve taken Shadow out quite a bit in the rain too, the touchscreen doesn’t respond as well but is not as bad as I expected. Ather recommends not to wash the 450X at a regular washing centre as the water pressure is higher than needed. Luckily, there’s a service in Bangalore that offers steam cleaning and detailing at home, so Shadow can be clean again.

My brother is in town and seems to be loving the 450X too, he prefers Sport mode as it’s neither boring nor too quick for town use. I rode the Ola S1 Pro recently too, while it claims to be more powerful and offer much more range, I still prefer my 450X over it when it comes to sheer riding pleasure, nothing comes close to the Ather when it comes to agility and dynamics. I only wish the tyres offered a better grip, it’s worse in the wet. It’s time to get a set of grippier rubber soon

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